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Blog Change

I'm here to announce, that i am moving to a new blog =) So, the new blog is http://adnamrax.blogspot.pt/

Don't worry, everything will be moved to the new blog.

DJ MAX Trilogy

Hi everyone, i have found, finally, one kinded heart, that posted download links to DJMAX Trilogy;

It's here - http://gerceecrib.blogspot.pt/2012/05/mediafire-dj-max-trilogy-cracked-en.html

Djmax trilogy-5

Thank you, Gercee =) 

How to install game:

1- Mount the game with Daemon Tools or Extract it with Winrar;
2- Install the Setup.exe
3- After, install patch in the update folder (This folder is in the .iso or Cd)
4- Go to Tools folder inside .iso or Cd, run DJLauncher.exe and do this:
See your Screen resolution and put your info into the DJLauncher
For example my resolution 1336 by 736, 60Hertz,
1336 is WIDTH
736 is HEIGHT
60 is the Refresh Rate
And after this, save
5- Copy the files that are inside crack folder in .iso or cd, and paste them into your game instalation folder
6- Run TR1.exe to play =)

RPG Maker VX Ace

Hi guys =) I'm here again with a new thing to show up. That's right.

Now, i have been doing some.... gaming and i'm working on RPG Maker VX Ace, that's right.
Just to clarify, it's not RPG Maker 2000/2k nor 2003 nor XP nor VX, it's VX Ace.

This is the last RPG maker program, who doesn't know what is it, it's a program to create games, that's right. First of, download the game here: If you don't have permission to download it, just register in 4shared and download it, it's Full English

The above link, it's the gaming program in english, but the ingame menu's and stuff continue to be in japanese, so here is the link:

Now, the PDF links for basic Tutorials:
http://rpgmaker.assets.s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/files/RPGMakerVXAceTutorial1.pdf Overview of program struture
http://rpgmaker.assets.s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/files/RPGMakerVXAceTutorial2.pdf Intro to mapping
http://rpgmaker.assets.s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/files/RPGMakerVXAceTutorial3.pdf Creating Characters
http://rpgmaker.assets.s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/files/RPGMakerVXAceTutorial4.pdf Equipment, items and features
http://rpgmaker.assets.s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/files/RPGMakerVXAceTutorial5.pdf The other types of Maps
http://rpgmaker.assets.s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/files/RPGMakerVXAceTutorial6.pdf Creating Encounters

From now on, enjoy, the other things i'm going to insert in here, are just another stuff from basic.

This program, finally, can be used for programmers, to put ingame script. The script can be shown on: Tools - Script Editor. You can also call parameters from script into events on RPG maker.


Go to your project, go to TOOLS- SCRIPT EDITOR, select a line UNDER MATERIAL and ABOVE MENU or MAIN like this:


1: It's an example of a free line of code you can select;
2: After you select the free line, just paste the script;


After you select the free line of the script, in the before image in the 1 step, you can also insert a name, just to let you know where are your codes. Can be inserted on the text tab above the list of script lines, shown in this image.


Introduce them like this:


As you can see, in this example, i have other 2 scripts that are from other author/people, which is Basic Overlay, Overlay and basic Light effects, Light effects. 
These scripts, or others that u search over the internet, have to be installed always UNDER MATERIAL and ABOVE MENU or MAIN.

OVERLAY Mapping:
This means, you can do other stuff to the game, and im going to show you the script from: http://yamiworld.wordpress.com /thanx to this author =)

In this script you can switch on/off day, night, sun rays, etc modes on your game, which is nice, it let's you make this only in 1 Map, doesn't give you the work to create more than 1 Map to make day/night, etc effects.

Install this script: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38072264/YSE/13%20-%20Overlay%20Mapping.txt
And the required Module here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38072264/YSE/01%20-%20BasicModule.txt
Game Scripts Demo: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38072264/OverlayMappingTest.exe   

1- To make this script work, you need to open the DEMO folder go to: Graphics\ and copy Overlay folder into your project's Graphics (NOT YOUR INSTALLED RPG MAKER VX ACE Graphics folder but YOUR PROJECT =D )
2- Now, for example, you want to make this work in a certain map. Each map of the game, like you have seen in above Post tutorial, has maps ID or Items ID, etc. So, to identify which your MAP ID is, select the Map you want, right click and select Map Properties. In the border of the window it just opened, there is: Map Properties - ID:002. In this case, your MAP ID is 2.
3- To make, for example the mirror lights, like in here:
You need to rename the "light1-1" image that is in your projects\Graphics\Overlay. How to rename it? in your Case, will be "light2-1" Why? coz:
light = name of the effect
1- Layer ID

So for example, you want to make it work in another MAP, so your another MAP has another MAP ID, like 5, so you will rename your light1-1 for light5-1

The idea is the same for the other affects that are in the script /Day/night, etc...

How do i turn it off? Simple, create an event,Trigger = Parallel Process, and Create "Switch Operation" Create 1 called Parallax and turn it OFF, like this:


To make other functions, make the same, but instead of Parallax, make: Light, Shadow and Ground.

Diablo 3 (How to get Cow Level)

Hi Guys.

I'm going to tell how to get your Cow level. First, i sugest you will be kind of leveled, so you can return to normal mode to obtain it.

The other thing i sugest is, teleport to the most updated quest before the last encounter, so you have all places altready ready to be teleported to.


1º- Black Mushroom - Cathedral Level 1, Chapter 1.

Teleport yourself to Cathedral Level 1. You shoudl investigate the area, and you find something like this:


2º Leoric's Shinbone - Leoric's Mansion - Fireplace Room, Chapter 1.

Now, you can go either within the front side or back door. If u go from the front side of the Leoric's Manor, you will need to go to the Right door near the stairway. That room is the fireplace room.
If you go from the Back door (Which you can take the teleport directly), you have to take one or two more turns. 
Whatever, this Leoric's ShinBone isn't at the right place all the times, which means, you need to restart the Manor sometimes.
If you see something like this: A Fireplace with Burnt logs in it, that means you have the Shinbone, if not, just restart the manor and try again.

3º Wirt's Bell - Caldeum's Bazar - Middle Hall Merchant - Chapter 2.

This time, its a matter of...money. You can't afford this in the beginning of chapter 2, since the bazzar is a mess and there is no merchant yet. But, the merchant is this one:

It costs 100 gold in normal mode. I don't know if its more expensive in the other modes.

4º Liquid Rainbow - Dahlgur Oasis - Mysterious Cave Chapter 2.

This is a random dungeon, but before you start looking around the whole map, first of, its not a dungeon you are now looking for, but a guy, yeah. A guy who lets you in to the dungeon, see? Teleport to the Path to the Oasis and when you enter into Dahlgur Oasis, turn South and see a guy near a door: if not, restart till you spot him.

After you enter the Mysterious Cave, you just need to find a treasure chest, and from it, you get Liquid Rainbow:

5º Gibbering Gemstone - The bridge of Korsik - Caverns of Frost Level 2 (Ignore Caverns of Ice, neither Icefall Caverns)

If you see in The Bridge of Korsik area, the Icefall Caverns or Caverns of Ice, you can start to restart the area, coz there is only one dungeon in here.
So now, you will be looking, not for a treasure chest, not for a random item, but yes, for a rare monster called Chiltara, Once you kill it, she will drop the Gibbering Gemstone. The monster has it's name in Purple, but it's aura its yellow kind. I will warn that, Chilara can be anywhere in Level 2 Caverns of Frost.

6º Plan: Staff of Herding - (Prime Evil - Begin Quest, Quest) - Izual Boss

So, as the title says, we need to kill Izual to get the plans, that's right. The Izual's Boss portal's name is The Great Span, and it's located in The Silver Spire Level 1. Good Luck.

If you don't remember which Boss is uzual, i will remind you:

7º Item (The Falling Star or The Legacy of Cain Quests) - The Old Ruins

I lied to you, there is no other item than these 6 =)
So, the whole items are together, and you ask, what now? I'll tell you "what now". First Of, learn the plan you get before in Izual's Boss,head to the blacksmith in New Tristam city, make the Staff of Herding.
In normal mode is 50k gold (50,000 gold) to make this staff.

Now, go to the places of the 7º item title: Teleport to The Old Ruins, go to the Old Tristam Road, and find a skeleton body near a cracked floor, or fissure, whatever and speak to it:

In Order to get this quest done, to make the suposed Cow Level, you need to bring with you ALWAYS the staff of Herding.

Important: You can do Cow level in normal, Nightmare, Hell, etc modes, just select the previous told quest in 7º's in normal, nightmare, Hell, etc.

The End, btw, remember, there is no Cow Level.

Wow Movie?

Yay, so, let's see... How to make machinima like movies right? =D I have been making mine, when ill have something, ill post ;)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDh6c4dvyBU      <- First part;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqIPIWYT0wU     <- Secound part;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnQ2oUN2Cjo   <-Third part;


Anime 2010 releases!

Yello!!! well, these are the new animes that will be releasing in this new year!!! Personally i have tested all of 'em and the best here are Durarara!! , Ladies versus butlers for echii people and chu-bra is good too for echii =p AND also Katanagatari ins't out yet but looks rly promessing =)


Yello!! haaaaaaa so long, no, im not going to say sorry for the abcense anymore coz im re-starting to post entries =p (im serious now).
This post brings up a game like the title of this entry says: Machinarium. It's a game like Escape from monkey island or Larry or broken sword, etc... But!!! this game is so dificult that brings up walthrough included. Even robots can be loved, and love in return ;)